Based in Perth, Western Australia, we are a distributor of quality womens skincare sourced from Japan and France.
Our products will benefit your skin at any age, with our Nouveau range suited to women 25+ and Ampleur tailored to women 40+.
Our Company Director, Susan Bell, has over 30 years experience in
the beauty industry having worked for multiple international brands
including Jean Gatineau – Paris, Just Natural – Switzerland and
Pola Cosmetics – Japan, and played a critical role in their
establishment in the Australian market.
As a qualified beauty therapist trained in both Perth and Paris,
Susan understands the importance of having the best products
available for her clients and is committed to sourcing only the
highest quality brands from around the world.
e Beauty is part of the e Group, a Western Australian owned and
operated group of companies, headed up by CEO & Managing
Director Richard Elkington.

 At e Beauty we guarantee all of our products contain natural plant extracts and have not been tested on animals.

Dr Reiko Takase is a dermatologist that leads a team of female doctors and skin specialists and beleives in using in products that produce results and at the same time, ensure stability to the skin.  Dr Takase also believes that a luxurious touch and natural fragance is needed and ensures that you are wrapped in happiness every time you use it.


After the 1990’s women with a sensitivity to beauty began to emerge as a recognized customer base the world over.

Japan did not allow the use of so-called “cutting-edge beautifying components” in domestic cosmetics, which saw a rise in these customers purchasing products overseas that contained these hard-to-get ingredients.

These products, however, still primarily targeted Western customers.  The claim arose that these products did not work well on delicate Japanese skin.  Mt Takase, the founder of Highside, began thinking about this problem.  Is it really impossible to use these advanced ingredients as well as maintaining reliable quality without damaging the skin?

There were also the then-current Japanese laws to consider.  Although the path was long and fraught with pitfalls, we collaborated dermatologists and related institutions to conduct focused research on steadily incorporating ingredients that were said to be difficult to use in cosmetics.

And so, the first such product born out of this initiative, Beauty Cram with new Stabilized Hydroquinone, was released in 2003 after several years of development.

Highside creates reliable innovations in beauty and health and continuously hunts for new cutting-edge ingredients, unrestricted by the boundaries of what has come before.

This has been the unchanging attitude of Highside Co. Ltd since its founding.

Highside Co. Ltd – Chairman and CEO

Takehide Takase