Luxury De-Age Lifting Lotion V


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Lavishly formulated with serum-level moisturising ingredients, this lotion rapidly permeates the skin with a lavish supply of moisture. With powerful booster functions, this lotion restores the skin’s response to growth factors resulting in firmness, suppleness and glowing resilience.
In the morning and evening, after washing your face, dispense the appropriate amount (about a 500-yen-coin-size amount) onto your hand and rub gently over your entire face. Dispense the same amount onto your hand once again and firmly envelop your face with your hands for five seconds.


INGREDIENTS  Plant stem cells argan cell extract (activates cells), Growth factor booster (purifies the intracellular environment), Self-maintenance peptides (promotes collagen production), Centella asiatica extract and Gold CL active (promotes elastin production), Gravity control peptides (moisturises), Penetrating collagen and placenta extract (promotes suppleness and elasticity), Ergothioneine and SOD (antioxidation effects), DMAE (firms skin), Trehalose and Hyaluronic acid Na (retains water), Aqua-navigator (promotes penetration)