Luxury De-Age Lifting Cream V


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Packed with beauty ingredients, a dense veil of this cream comfortably envelops your skin, allowing you to enjoy firmer and more lustrous skin. Gravity control peptides and DMAE provide powerful support for the whole skin, restoring the feel of gravity-defying suppleness.
In the morning and evening after applying skin lotion or serum, dispense a pearl-sized amount onto your palm. Gently massage into your entire face and neck from the centre out and from the bottom up in a lifting motion.


INGREDIENTS  Plant stem cells argan cell extract (activates cells), Growth factor booster (purifies the intracellular environment), Self-maintenance peptides (promotes collagen production), Centella asiatica extract and Gold CL active (promotes elastin production), Gravity control peptides, emollients: Squalene, argan oil, Triple-ceramide combination 1, 3, 6II (moisturises), Penetrating collagen and placenta extract (promotes suppleness and elasticity), Ergothioneine and SOD (antioxidation effects), Carnosine (antiglycation effects), V lifter complex (promotes supple skin), DMAE (firms skin)