Luxury De-Age Rejulution V


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Based on a cutting-edge approach that integrates the key findings of the latest ageing care research, this serum lifts skin beset with worrisome sagging face contours and slack pores, at the cellular level. Full of powerful ingredients that promote suppleness and moisture from within, this serum leaves the skin looking rejuvenated and firmer.
In the morning and evening after applying skin lotion, dispense onto your palm with dropper and gently massage into your entire face and neck. We recommend coating areas of special concern with two coats of the serum. Massage from the bottom up in a lifting motion.


INGREDIENTS  Plant stem cells argan cell extract EGF/FGF/IGF/HGF (activates cells), Self-maintenance peptides (purify the intracellular environment), Centella asiatica extract (promotes collagen production), Gravity control peptides (promotes elastin production), DMAE (firms skin), Cell biofactor (cell turnover), TRX/Epigallocatechin gallate (Antioxidation effects), Carnosine, horse chestnut extract and Plantago major seed extract (Antiglycation effects), Hyaluronic acid and triple-ceramide combination 1, 3, 6II (moisturises), Quick lift (promotes supple skin)