Product Description

This eye cream thoroughly repairs the skin around your eyes, where signs of aging like wrinkles, caused by dryness and shadows under the eyes, appear most often. 
This eye creams multifaceted approach with cutting-edge beauty and lift-care ingredients adds plumpness, suppleness and brightness to the areas around your eyes.

How to Use

In the morning and evening, after applying skin lotion or serum, dispense the appropriate amount (one push for both eyes) onto your fingertips and rub gently over the areas under the eyes and around the corners of the eyes. Coat areas of special concern with two coats of the cream. Use with SPF 15 sunscreen or higher to block UV rays when using this product during the day.

Distinctive ingredients

Activate cells: Plant stem cells (argan cell extract), EGF
Purify the intracellular environment: Self-maintenance peptides
Promotes collagen production: Centella asiatica extract
Promotes suppleness and elasticity: Pure retinol
Lift care: Sesaflash
Promote suppleness and elasticity: Penetrating collagen, placenta extract
Eye bag care: Iris
Promotes blood circulation; antioxidant effects: Chrysanthellum indicum extract
Antiglycation effects: Carnosine, hydrolyzed Myrtus communis leaf extract